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FanFix August 15, 2012 18753
(Updated: July 12, 2015)
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T3 was always one of the movies that I use to say "so close – but yet so far"
This edit makes it a little closer for me. and is probably one of the best FanEdits I've seen for T3, but I still feel like its missing a few elements story wise and such.

Cutting out the introduction of Kate, Matt and her Father and then introducing her in the middle of the night from the vet call, just felt a bit awkward to me.

All the humor is cut, and while not all of it was good I agree, but there's a few parts where its almost needed to give your audience a little breath.

The only other issue I had with this edit was that it was SD and stereo. An HD version of this edit in 5.1 would of been great.

Being a FanEditor myself I hate giving harsh critiques like that, because sometimes its all opinion based – hence why we do these edits in the first place.

Overall this is a great T3 edit, and I did enjoy it and do recommend it.

Thanks UA, I'll be watching this a few more times – hopefully one day you can do an HD Version.


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