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I really love Terminator 1, even though it lacks the production values and budget of the sequel, it has that raw style and uncompromising thrills and an undeniable originality. The sequel maybe not as original and uncompromising as the original but it manages to add some layers of themes and depth and just as important it offers closure to the story, so that in the end it manages to be just as awesome as the first part.

When Terminator 3 came I thought: "Why?" The story was so perfectly wrapped up, so why open it up again? Of course it was done to make more cash with the franchise.

The justification given in the movie itself: "Armageddon wasn't prevented, just postponed" was lame beyond measure. Still, if the movie had been awesome, I would have just closed an eye and enjoyed the ride.

But as everyone knows T3 was pretty mediocre, not bad like T4, but a pale comparison to T1+2. It wasn't as interesting nor as tense or deep as the previous outings, and the female terminator added nothing to make it worthwhile.

One of the main-problems was also that the main-actor playing John Connor is a douchebag and not nearly as tough and clever as the kid-version in Terminator 2.

So there are things no fanedit can fix, but Uncanny Antman made the best of what was possible. He changed the soundtrack to reflect more the one in used in T1+2, improved the pacing, reduced lame humour and turned the female terminator into a ruthless killing machine, as it should be.

As vultural stated in his review, he turned a mediocre b-movie, into a thrilling b-movie.

I enjoyed it a lot. The only problem I had was that it is in SD, and so it looked pretty flat and lifeless on my HD-TV.

Terminator 1+2 I rate with 9/10.

Terminator 3 is a 6/10-movie for me, and Uncanny's edit turns it into a 7-8/10-movie.

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