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Let's get this straight, everything after Terminator 2 varies in disgusting quality from bad to absolute disgrace. Peg me in the camp that hates Terminator 3 with the passion that only Star Wars prequels haters have. Terminator 2 is one my favorite movies of all time. Absolutely stupendous story, ending, emotional attachment, and metaphors that T-3 just craps all over. I have been on an active stance of pretending that T3 and T4 never were made.

That's the mindset I came into this movie with. After hearing all the incredible reviews. I decided to give it a shot. The first shot I've given it after seeing it in theaters. It's been a long time.

In terms of editing, Uncanny Antman is an amazing talent. Visually most of the cuts were done quite well. The Audio changes fit the film. And everything is done expertly. There's a couple of visual cuts that were jarring that we noticed:
1. The cut from "Talk to the Hand" to the next scene was a little jarring, but maybe it's because I remember the goofy crap that happens afterwards.
2. The cut from "I like your gun," same thing.

Another thing UA achieves is fantastic break neck pacing, no more of the cartoon aspects that irked me so, and a more somber tone to the whole film (the ending is really more poignant because of it). What's also done well is John Connor's character, well, not arc, but moment at the end fits. He's a sissy boy that's been through all this crap, and now he needs to step up, and he realizes it, the whole movie is about him realizing it. UA did his job, he made a really bad movie BETTER.

But even with all that, UA could not overcome the absolutely fundamental crap, backwards ass flaws of this movie. The dialogue is awful, a lot of the more awful dialogue has been cut, but what's here is still not very good. The whole point of the story is ridiculous, the destiny is predetermined aspect pisses me off to no end. The arc of John Connor is STILL not done very well. And all of that, represents the biggest flaw of the entire movie, it's emotionless, there's no heart, no tension, no anything. The terminator isn't scary, she's supposed to be frightening, am I supposed to care about John, why, he's a disgrace, am I supposed to care about Arnold's T850, because I don't. And all it does is just try and recreate the setpieces and absolute MAGIC and THRILL of T-2. Instead it just comes off as empty and rushing me from one lame action sequence to the next.

The flaws are not UA's fault, not by a long shot, UA made a crappy movie watchable. It fits into the tone of the trilogy, Terminator 3 used to be a walking talking cartoon and now it's an action setpiece popcorn movie. Still doesn't have substance.

In the end, I realize that I'm not sure if any fanedit will make an awful movie, good. I think all it will make is watchable. No offense to UA, but I'm going to go back to pretending that Terminator ended with T-2.

Original Rating of Crap Ass Movie: 4
New Rating: 6

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