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FanFix August 15, 2012 17012
(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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March 8, 2012 @ 9:17 pm

This is one of the best edits I have ever seen. Terminator 3 is now actually… a good movie.

Technical quality – 10/10 – the video was very sharp and the audio was crisp all the way through.

Editing – 10/10 – I did not notice ANY of your cuts because they were so seamless. I felt like I was watching the original, except that it was suddenly way better.

Presentation – 9/10 – the menus were some of the best I’ve seen on a fanedit, ever. The cover art was very nice as well. The reason I took off a point was because there was no scene selection.

Entertainment – 9.5/10 – this was insane. I loved every. Single. Cut. (except for one, which I will address a little later). The film was improved drastically and I didn’t even notice what was being removed. This is truly one of the smoothest edits out there. The only cut I didn’t really like was John’s V.O. at the end. The ending is still solid, but I always kind of liked that ending voice over. Either way though, very nice job. Although it’s still not as good as the first two, it can now sit proudly next to them. Bravo, Uncanny Antman.

Overall – 10/10
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