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June 11, 2011 @ 1:31 am

I’m old enough to remember the excitement and anticipation surrounding the initial release of Jonathan Mostow’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I literally could not wait to get down to my local cinema to watch the first available screening… ahhh, those were the days.

For many, it’s Cameron’s T2:Judgment Day which represents the absolute zenith of the series, but for me that’s far from the case. Whilst I certainly enjoyed T2, I still prefer the original Terminator. The darker tone, the grittier film stock, Arnie as one of cinema’s most impressively destructive villains; what more could one want? To me, Cameron hasn’t made a truly brilliant movie since Aliens. As his budgets have increased, so has his ability to keep the emotional framework of the story and characters intact deserted him.

Mostow’s third chapter is often thought of as the worst of the series, even taking into account McG’s Terminator Salvation. Not so for me though. I loved it from the first time I saw it, even with the “talk to the hand”, comedy sunglasses and Kristina Locke increasing her breast size to sweet talk a traffic cop moments. Unlike the majority, these blatant comedy relief scenes never bothered me much at the time. One could say I even embraced them. Besides, I liked the whole pay off which the movie eventually bestows upon the viewer, that there was no way to stop judgment day; it was just the T-850’s job to get John Connor and Kathryn Brewster to safety.

Oh and then there’s that chase sequence as the TX pursues Connor and Brewster in a huge crane-truck. I remember this came out around the same time as the Matrix Reloaded and its much hyped car chase sequence on the freeway. Whereas the latter left me cold and unmoved with its CGI trickery, the sheer physicality and “doing it for real” style of Mostow’s sequence left me enthralled and with a huge smile on my face. It remains one of my favourite action sequences in cinema.

Anyway, the idea therefore that a fanedit could improve the film that much was somewhat negligible for me. Yet, after reading how positive the reviews were for Uncanny Antman’s The Coming Storm I knew I had to see it.

I actually made sure that I stayed away from the cutlist on the fanedit page, as I wanted to try and discover what was different on my own. From the opening moment which kicks things off during Connor’s nightmare, thereby removing the voiceover I got an early indication just why this edit is so highly thought of. Then I realised the supervirus is missing, cheesy lines such as “I like this car” are gone, the whole Kate and Scott go shopping scene never happens, and the ladies night scene removes the somewhat ill-fitting camp comedy moments such as the T-850 actually talking to the male stripper’s hand. All very sensible and logical cuts which only serve to enhance the story rather than detract from it.

Some of the changes are very slight and admittedly a lot of them I only realised once I had actually read the cutlist after watching the edit. But the impressive thing is that technically this has to be one of the most sublime fanedits I have ever seen.

Visually it’s more or less the same as watching the official DVD and the audio editing here has to be one of the very best examples of what can be achieved in fan editing. Audio editing is very close to my own heart and I know that it’s the process which usually will take up the most time for any faneditor. Uncanny Antman’s work here is simply perfection….not even a sniff of an even slightly dodgy edit for me here.

So video would get 9/10, audio 10/10

As I touched upon the editing decisions here in relation to improving the story and overall effectiveness of the film are very sound. As much as I liked Mostow’s original cut, the excising of the more cheesy lines and removal of some of the less important subplots of the movie (the whole Brewster and Connor in Mike Kripke’s basement is not missed at all for me) really does lend the film extra weight in all the right places. It now feels more in tone with the original Terminator and that can only be a good thing.

Even the truncating of the TX vs T-850 battle at the end works in the film’s favour, with some of the TX’s growls and screams editing our lending the scene more realism. As for the slightly changed ending, I loved it. With no voice-over the whole scene seems to be even darker and has more emotional impact for me.

So for entertaining and editing choices, this easily gets 10/10.

Considering how much I liked the original cut of T3, I was amazed at just how much Uncanny Antman’s edit has improved the film. I can honestly say that it is now second only to Cameron’s original for me (yeah, I know… I can hear all those cries of “better than T2, you’re mad!!!”). I seriously believe that anyone interested in fanediting should watch this edit, as it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Overall, a thoroughly deserved 10/10.
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