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(Updated: September 06, 2012)
October 15, 2009 @ 1:48 pm

Without a doubt the best Fanedit I’ve seen. I can’t really say any more than the praise that’s already been heaped by everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, there were flaws aplenty, but every single one was attributable to Jonathan Mostow and the original editor. That the Faneditor has managed to take the mess that was Terminator 3 and turn it into this is nothing short of astounding, and having now read the list of edits I can see that he’s even tried his best to correct as many of the flaws that Mostow allowed where they couldn’t be completely cut out of necessity (notably the TX in the graveyard sequence).

Paring the dialogue down to the minimum for both the T850 and TX (who is almost silent throughout) is a vast improvement – subtle when watching this cut but incredibly jarring when they natter on and on in the official version. And removing the Terminator blinking and the human reactions was absolutely necessary to remind the audience that these are machines and are all the more menacing because they are. Arnie blinking in T1 when he kills Sarah Connor’s room mate jarrs when I watch that film so it’s no wonder I spent most of T3 feeling uncomfortable.

Still not a patch on T1 or T2 but, like all who’ve commented before me, this is the only version I’ll be watching from now on when I want my Terminator fix.

Had I seen this for the first time without having seen T3 I’d be giving a 7/10 for entertainment. But knowing this is a Fanedit 10/10 is the only score it deserves.
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