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I appreciate Uncanny Antman removing the dumber moments of this movie, trying to bring the tone closer to the movies that came before. But at the end of the day, I don't think this edit changes enough to make it worthwhile going out of your way to watch. The movie itself just kind of undermines the point of the two previous movies. Unless you can get around that, this movie won't be worth watching. The original movies were about creating your own destiny and eschewing determinism. This movie just says, "Well, everything still happens anyway. There's no changing anything."

If Terminator: Dark Fate didn't exist, I'd probably be more inclined to recommend this edit because I would've thought it would be the best we were gonna get. But Dark Fate was basically the movie this should've been.

The editing itself on this is excellent. I knew when things were cut just because of remembering them from the original movie, but I didn't notice any jarring cuts or transitions. It all seemed very well done to me. Unfortunately, it just wasn't different enough. It still felt mostly just like the same movie but slightly better due to some omissions here and there.

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