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Terminator 2: Hands of Fate
July 09, 2012    
(Updated: February 22, 2018)
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The theatrical cut has always been my favourite version of T2 but this adds the best parts of the special edition and takes some of the lesser parts of the theatrical cut to forge a great new version. The most impressive part of the edit is the removal of the bad to bone audio which never ever fit well with the tone elsewhere. I've attempted to seperate some of the original dialogue in this scene myself and found it an impossible task to extract something of a high enough quality so massive repsect to the editor on his work here! The recreated titles and THX FAN intro are brilliantly done too and look completely authentic.

The only nitpick I can find in the whole edit which is just a personal opinion is the inclusion of the smile scene (albeit trimmed) I would have cut that being as the 'trust me' line was cut later. A really fab edit of what is easily one of my top 5 movies ever, it has created a bit of a quandry though as everytime I watch T2 now which is at least twice a year I will have to consider this or the theatrical. That was never an issue before darn it!!

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