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Terminator 2: Hands of Fate
July 09, 2012    
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Original review (2009 DVD):

First off, the A/V quality has been discussed plenty and all I will say is that it was as I expected. The concerns that have been raised are valid but it did not prevent me from enjoying the edit.

As far as the actual editing goes, I was very impressed. The cuts were logical and generally not noticeable (especially if you don't know what to look for). The reworked bad to the bone scene worked very well, and as was made obvious in the great bonus featurette, required a good deal of effort. I miss the "how's the knee" line but understand the reasoning. I really liked the trimmed first dream sequence. I kind of like the "model citizen" line but can understand why it went. Arnie's bike jump into the canal never bothered me that much but this edit handles it just fine (I agreed that it seemed obvious he was already heading down a slope and the jump wasn't necessary). No problemo, hasta la vista, need a vacation, thumbs up - all good cuts.

So all in all, I enjoyed this edit. It won't replace my Extreme DVD due to the A/V issues, but it was a worthwhile watch. And if Throw ever did a V2.0 with improved video and true 5.1? It would be a home run.

Updated Review (2013 HD mkv):

It's a home run!

The 720p mkv is rock solid in quality and the 5.1 sound is now true 5.1. The re-edits to the parking lot and gas station scenes work great. My one minor nitpick was the cutaway from the T-1000 giving Sarah the "no-no-no" finger wag when she runs out of ammo in the end factory scene - it was a bit obvious that something was cut there, and I personally would have just left it intact.

Well done, and thanks for creating this version. I plan on watching it again the next time I have a hankerin' for some T2 spankerin'.

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