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Audio/Video Quality 10: The quality of the 1280x720 mp4 is lovely.

Visual Editing 10: A great job here. ThrowgnCpr has used his/her own personnal taste as to what extended-cut scenes to use or not use and luckily I loved what was kept and didn't miss what was cut. All the editing was nicely done and the many removals of cheesiness were very welcome. The edits themselves are numorous and well executed.

Audio Editing 10: Sensational! The biker bar redub is inspired and worth the 'price' of admission for this fanedit alone. It not only changes our perception of Arnie's character but it changes our perception of his performance. All other audio editing was smooth and slick.

Narrative 9: I've knocked a point off for narrative as while I felt the vast majority of changes were an improvement... I thought that the removal of some of the early Sarah footage portrayed her as a slightly less physically threatening character. In the original it's made pretty clear that anybody who turns their back on Sarah is likely going to visiting the emergency room. In this cut she's just a bit angry until we see her escape. This didn't spoil my experience, as I've seen the official cut a gazillion times and have a well formed idea of who Sarah is. But I wonder about first time viewers?

Enjoyment 10: In all honesty this is probably gonna be the cut I watch in future. The story feels fully fleshed out like in the extended cut but less bloated. I was surprised by quite how much could be done to improve what some might consider a masterpiece already.

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