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Brief Synopsis:
• Less populous motivations throughout, more focus on the current problems being a result of the lie that Bruce and Gordon created.
• Bruce is not old and hurt at the beginning.
• Countdown to Core Meltdown Timecodes added to Bruce's scenes in the pit to spread out the timing of Bruce's recovery.
• Bruce dies at the end.
Looking back on my old unreleased TDKR edit, I forgot how many problems are in this movie. Slow fights, silly motivations, and exposition galore. I never thought this was improved enough to warrant a release. But reading a TDKR review recently about how "Bruce healing twice" is bad storytelling, I got inspired to experiment a little more, removing the "old" aspect of Bruce so he only has to heal from his fight with Bane. Big changes abound, but the main ones are the removal of all scenes with "old Bruce" and the discussions about him being a recluse. He may not be Batman anymore, but he's not decrepit.

This also means we lose Alfred and Bruce's first discussion in the cave. Alfred is EXTREMELY sidelined in this edit, showing up only to be annoyed that Blake is encouraging Bruce to be batman again, to get the drive to Fox and resign from Bruce, and to mourn at Bruce's grave and for the will.

Since we lose Alfred warning Bruce about Bane, this is where the REAL rabbit hole began- making Bane more of a menacing mystery. ("Show Don't Tell" mantra in full effect!) I leaned into things like showing Bane enter and exit the stock exchange, but not waiting inside. I removed Bane explicitly mentioning "the League of shadows" in his sewer fight with Bruce. We don't find out about the pit until Bruce is taken there. And little things, like he doesn't grasp at his mask as Bruce breaks it - he keeps fighting like a badass, but its just enough for Bruce to start getting the advantage again.
Additional Notes:
One big effect of this is that we lose Bruce and Selina's first meeting, and so we must turn the ballroom dance scene into their first face to face. This is also the first time the audience actually sees Bruce as well. We also lose Blake telling Bruce how he knows him. Now he shows up to the mansion, and Alfred looks annoyed. Blake and Bruce's relationship is implied but mysterious (I hope.) Bruce just is friends with an "up an coming cop on the force," perhaps trying to lighten the load from a mentally compromised Gordon. After the stuff with his kid. Gordon effectively is traumatized. And Blake doesn't become another Batman. He will clearly become something, but something different.
Special Thanks:
DigModiFicaTion - Back in 2017 I submitted my first edit for academy approval - a version of this edit. Dig reviewed that god-awful amateur t*rdnugget. Thanks for all the patience.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
• Bruce only heals once in this movie. He is not old and hurt at the beginning. We do not see his actual face until he dances with Selina, so he does not meet with Fox, and Blake already knows who he is.
• Less populous motivations throughout, resulting in more focus on the problems being a result of the lie that Bruce and Gordon created at the end of TDK.
• Gordon doesn’t go back to work. He’s lucky he’s not being prosecuted for his perjury, at the minimum!
• Alfred's dream vacation story is scrubbed.
• All mentions of autopilot are scrubbed.
• The history eraser program is minimized to a 'gangland myth' and not a motivation for Selina after Batman saves her from the thugs.
• Countdown to Core Meltdown Timecodes added to Bruce's scenes in the pit to spread out the timing of Bruce's recovery.
• Any verbal mention of time outside of a more evenly paced decent into chaos are removed.
• Bruce dies at the end.
• Blake gets the bag without being called Robin.
Cuts and Additions:
• Remove Gordon's opening monologue.
• Bane intro scene is tightened. Plane takeover is faster, CIA makes good on its death threats. No blood transfusion for physicist, no discussion with disciple about “the fire rising.”
• Dent Act Event scene tightened to remove discussion about Gordon getting canned, and about Bruce being a recluse. Eight year gap between movies is now an undisclosed amount of time. Cut Selina getting the key from Alfred, as well as Bruce’s direct interactions with Selina. Pressure on Bruce's romantic life gone.
• Blake’s discussion with Orphanage head tightened to remove mention of Wayne foundation help.
• Blake’s introduction to Gordon trimmed, Selina doesn’t enlist the help of her friend when in the bar, Bane and Gordon scene trimmed.
• Bruce doesn’t talk to Blake, Alfred, Fox or the doctor, and doesn’t tell Gordon that “maybe the Batman doesn’t exist anymore”
• Bruce and Selina’s dance scene tightened to remove populous focus, Talia interaction removed.
• Bane's attack on the stock exchange tightened form more mystery. Bane seems more methodical, an effort throughout the re-edit. Exterior Stock Exchange shots color-corrected to seem like sunset, to better fit with the nighttime chase scene. Batman chase scene tightened.
• Selina and Dagget scene tightened. Selina doesn’t try to use guns or kill in this fight. Removed Selina looking back at Bane while being shot at. Selina and Bruce’s discussion tightened.
• Alfred and Bruce dialogue tightened. Bane and Dagget dialogue tightened. Blake does not give ride to Bruce.
• In Selina's apartment, the history eraser program subject is again removed. Bruce is not locked out of his house so he doesn't need to sleep with Talia out of nowhere.
• Background soundtrack added to Bane/Batman sewer fight. Dialogue tightened to remove admission that they are in League of Shadows. Bane does not say he was born in the darkness, but he still says he was a man when he first saw the light.
• Bane and Bruce dialogue in pit trimmed and reorganized.
• Blake’s facial expression shots questioning his gun use removed.
• All pit scenes spread differently for better timeline structure. Countdown to Core Meltdown Timecodes added to Bruce's scenes in the pit to spread out the timing of Bruce's recovery. Bruce given a month from pit escape to reaching Gotham, and Bane is not noticeably surprised by his arrival to Gotham.
• Bane’s stadium and prison speeches trimmed to remove much of the populous focus.
• Martial law courts are removed. Lots of small cuts to make this happen.
• Tightened Batman and Gordon dialogue on Ice.
• Some shots reordered to group bigger scenes, like Batman saving Blake and Blake on the bridge.
• The grenade Batman gives Blake to throw is big enough, no batwing needed.
• Selina and Batman discussion at batcycle tightened. Cops/militia fight intro adjusted to better emphasize Foley’s heroics.
• Bane was never excommunicated, and Talia is not mad about that.
• Bane death scene adjusted.
• The Batwing chase scene is tightened up, and many close up shots of random soldiers are removed
• Talia’s death scene tightened. Gordon doesn’t ask who Batman is. Alfred’s crying dialogue at the cemetery cut. Shots of Gordon working again at a new Batsignal are removed. Fox discussion of autopilot removed throughout edit. Alfred vacations shots removed.
Opening Plane Sequence

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