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@Wraith, I still believe you had the hardest job of all the editors. I've seen this movie quite a few time so I understand how hard the cuts must have been to get it into 65 mins. The edit itself is clean, and cutting ~2 hours of dialogue, exposition, character development, and more means you had a very very hard job,

-- The first half is fast-paced and tight, and we’re all introduced and eating stew by 28 min instead of 80 mins. VERY impressively done, at the expense of some mild character development.
-- I had fun looking for cut and moved lines of dialogue, overlapping into scenes where they didn’t belong.
-- Warren and Chris actually become different characters in the edit. It's a fun change and I liked it! (even though their friendship in the original was my favorite part haha)
-- Now that I've seen your cut 3.5 times, it's very impressive how many layers upon layers of overlap you have in these scenes! Dialogue moved to whole other areas, other dialogue shifted to the background of another conversation (like Bob hammering the door), the difficult behind editing around Silent Night without breaking the pace of the music.

EDIT: Having chatted with Wraith about it and seeing the direction they were taking the edit, I see how they got there. I was expecting a condensed version of the original, but Wraith was changing the story too. I retracted my issue with the Lincoln letter, given that Wraith specifically showed Chris crumple it up, so it did have a use to the story. Thank you for explaining it Wraith and being a good sport about taking some criticisms, and I love that you implemented some of the changes we talked about (and that you had already considered them before I even mentioned them!)

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