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Where to start with this review. I will say up front that I did not like the original movie that this version is based on. I don't think subjects as sensitive as some in this film should be trifled with in such a flippant manner and made humorous.

I read all of these reviews and am curious as to whether these people understand this. Nonetheless, ot was recommended that I watch this version.

I can admit that it's an amazing achievement and certainly the best of these edits. It's also the most bold in the choices that ArtisDead madein what to keep and what to remove.

I didn't care for Hitler in my face screaming at me first thing but it became funny as I realized what he was ranting about. I think timing on zooming into the opening was perfectly timed. I didn't care much for the audio being muted during Raine's grandiose diatribe. It should have been louder and clearer.

However, I did like most of the music placement. Fame started off perfectly and introduced Landa in a precisely menacing manner.

The two best music placements weren't even by David Bowie in a movie edited have a great amount of his songs placed in it and dedicated to him. Very nice dedication in the beginning, by the way. Loved that.

Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads was a genius choice fit for the Bear Jew introduction. So perfectly placed Tarantino would blush. *chef's kiss*

The disturbing part of this movie is the part in which the Nazi treatment of Jews is treated so flippant. I like that ArtisDead downplayed that as much as possible by cutting out the beginning and saving the cutting for the end.

The part of this version that really saves it, sort of is the climactic moment. The Massacre in the theatre. Choosing to place the Pink Floyd song, "Pigs" here was the masterstroke. Absolutely amazing. From the moment you see Goebbels face and then Shoshannas face on the screen as if she's looking at him, it takes flight from there. The cigarette flick timed perfect to the start of the vocals. "Big man, pig man ha ha charade you are" then you see Hitlers face. To hear Nazis referred to as pigs while they are being massacred...there's a sublime beauty to that. Unforgettable.

"Changes" at the end? During that scene? Absolutely hilarious! Perfect after the explosive climax that preceded it.

I didn't want to like this version of a movie that I very much dislike but I have to give ArtisDead credit, it was an experience not easy forgotten.

If you don't mind the subject matter, this is highly recommended!

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