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Wow! This was a really fantastic edit. Being a fan of the original film, I have to say I think I actually prefer this version instead. ArtisDead has pulled off an amazing job retaining the core narrative without losing anything important. However, I do miss the opening scene with Landa, such a chilling and memorable moment. Yet, you were able to retain some of this as a black and white flashback sequence, nicely done. I think what works here is the build up, you don't give away the game too early compared to the original film.

Taking out a big chunk of the Shosanna/Zoller subplot really moves the story along at a much better pace than the original film. I'll admit that I do miss some of Shosanna scenes in their full context but I don't miss Zoller's scenes at all. What really steals the show here is the added soundtrack. Every song presented here has been carefully chosen and suitably synchronised to their respective scenes. While the selection consists mostly of David Bowie songs, I liked the use of Talking Heads during Donny's introduction scene *chef's kiss* and Pink Floyd during the finale.

If I had a couple of criticisms, though not major ones. I would say that the introduction scene with the Bastards and 'Heroes' playing in the background was a bit too loud in parts, especially towards the end of the scene when Aldo was still talking. The other bit would be cutting out how Donny and Omar got the MP-40s before charging in and killing Hitler and co. Other than that everything else was perfect.

I highly recommend this edit, you won't be disappointed. Just good fun!

Take a bow, ArtisDead!

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