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What can I say that others haven't! Fantastic edit, both technically and narratively. Since most people have already said everything I was going to say I'll just throw some random thoughts out there:
-- It was a very interesting decision to keep the first "carved swastika" hidden and just show Hitler's reaction to it, kept the mystery going, I initially didn't like it but the more I watched the more I liked it, and the fact that Aldo explains the whole thing to Landa at the end anyway really sealed it for me as a good change.
-- The Bowie music was flawless. "We could be heroes" right as Aldo is speaking, the banging drum and guitar lead-up to "...brief him", "Faaaaame!" as Landa walked in, making the music diegetic to the Hammersmark scene in the cinema, and the cinema massacre with the music blaring was GREAT. Extremely well done to the point that I can't even imagine how you did it.
-- Great work on the 10 second black-and-white flashback to Shoshana as a child! And the slight record scratch when she hears they're switching the venue to her theater was fun.

(NOTE: I was told this part was on an artistic choice done on purpose, so it gets a 10 and I'm leaving my comment here for posterity). The only thing I noticed is that I couldn't hear what Shoshana was saying in the theater because the new music was too loud. So much of the audio editing in the movie is flawless, but for me this is a very impactful moment, the stomped-down Jewish girl finally faces her tormenters and tells them "fuck you, now you die!" so to miss the dialogue was tough for me

Fantastic work ArtisDead! You somehow managed to cut 57% of the movie and keep 100% of the narrative, while adding a fun new flair to the whole thing with your soundtrack!

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(Updated: September 23, 2023) September 23, 2023
Goodness! What an awesome review. I'm sure I'm blushing so Red that I look like a lobster.

I am blown away by how truly observant that you are. The small things that you noticed were so important for me to emphasize. The song selection and placement came together almost magically. I was so disappointed that my original choice for the climax didn't work out because I had planned much of the edit around that moment. I'm grateful that "Pigs" saved it. You can always count on The Floyd!

Psycho Killer is another sequence that I'm particularly proud of, as well as, the Fame sequence synchronized with Landa's introduction. The timing on those needed to be precise.

Shoshanna whispering during the theater destruction is intentional. It is meant to sound like whispered curse. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it the way that I intended.

I couldn't have made this edit as good as it is without the rest of Red Apple Crew. They were the backbone of my drive. Especially the creative genius of Wraith and Futon88. Truly remarkable talent!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it and hope that you will watch the just as excellent or better edits from the rest of the crew. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my edit!
1 results - showing 1 - 1