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A/V - Nothing to complain about, although I watched on my 1080 monitor with average headphones so I may not be the best judge.

V Editing - There were a few moments where I noticed a cut, but far and few between.

A Editing - I felt like most song placements were a bit off. They were often turned on and off or down (as though they were diegetic, but then sometimes not). They feel a little sporadic and randomly placed. Usually a film has a moment or two where a big music piece is placed over a montage or climatic scene, here its used frequently and not always at a fitting time. Loved the use of Psycho Killer though, the placement was perfect.

Narrative - I think for the most part it works but there were a few shortened scenes that were noticeably shorter and its hard to tell if that was because I am pretty familiar with the film or not.

Enjoyment - Overall it was a fun experiment that is obviously not trying to be a replacement for the film, but my biggest gripe is that as I watched I realized how much I wanted to just watch the original film because so many of the best scenes and moments are either shortened or completely gone. For example, the basement scene is shorted pretty substantially and as a result, the tension is somewhat deflated.

I really hope this review doesn't come off too harsh because I still think it works well as what the editor intended for it to be which is a tribute to Bowie in a bite-sized form of the original film.

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