Tales From Hell: Vol. 5

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Tales From Hell: Vol. 5
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Tales so scary... you'll die twice!!!
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Brief Synopsis:
I choose to rework 'The Dead Next Door' (1988) and add a scene from 'Night of the Living Dead' (1990). I cut out most of the talking and background characters of Dead Next Door, tried to concentrate on a faster pace action zombie movie. For 'The Midnight Hour' I wanted this to be a scary story, the original was good with a decent amount of humor. So I decided to remove most of the humor and make it more suspenseful. The two films are re-titled "Graveyard Ghouls!" and "The Rotting Dead".
I wanted to continue making some Tales From Hell series of movies. So I decided to dig deep into my old dvd collection and do a couple of the movies I watched as a kid. I always had a place in my heart for these types of films. But I know they have their flaws, so I wanted to kinda help and remove the flawed parts to make a more complete film.
Other Sources:
I created a whole new intro to the Tales From Hell, including stock footage of numerous images and videos. Added a new title song by Michael Crowther.
Special Thanks:
- Scrapesky for always giving me ideas and suggestions
- Fanedit.Org for supporting a community of crazy people who love movies and film
- Neglify for giving me a shot with my first ever edit.
Release Information
Special Features
Up scaled the 480p to 720p for this edit. The results were surprisingly good.
Editing Details:
- DVDFab 9
- Sony Vegas Pro
- NewBlue FX
- OFX plugins for Vegas
Cuts and Additions:
The Dead Next Door:
- Added the emergency broadcast from Night of the Living Dead (1990) for the Intro.
- Removed several scenes of dialogue that were boring and slowed the pace of the film
- Removed several scenes of background characters that played no part of the plot (plot??? ahaha)

The Midnight Hour:
- Removed opening scene of kid riding his bike
- Removed most of the funny moments by the ghouls
- Removed some of the scenes of small characters

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