Tales From Hell: Vol. 5

Tales From Hell: Vol. 5
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I choose to rework 'The Dead Next Door' (1988) and add a scene from 'Night of the Living Dead' (1990). I cut out most of the talking and background characters of Dead Next Door, tried to concentrate on a faster pace action zombie movie. For 'The Midnight Hour' I wanted this to be a scary story, the original was good with a decent amount of humor. So I decided to remove most of the humor and make it more suspenseful. The two films are re-titled "Graveyard Ghouls!" and "The Rotting Dead".
I wanted to continue making some Tales From Hell series of movies. So I decided to dig deep into my old dvd collection and do a couple of the movies I watched as a kid. I always had a place in my heart for these types of films. But I know they have their flaws, so I wanted to kinda help and remove the flawed parts to make a more complete film.
Other Sources:
I created a whole new intro to the Tales From Hell, including stock footage of numerous images and videos. Added a new title song by Michael Crowther.
Special Thanks:
- Scrapesky for always giving me ideas and suggestions
- Fanedit.Org for supporting a community of crazy people who love movies and film
- Neglify for giving me a shot with my first ever edit.
Release Information:
Special Features
Up scaled the 480p to 720p for this edit. The results were surprisingly good.
Editing Details:
- DVDFab 9
- Sony Vegas Pro
- NewBlue FX
- OFX plugins for Vegas
Cuts and Additions:
The Dead Next Door:
- Added the emergency broadcast from Night of the Living Dead (1990) for the Intro.
- Removed several scenes of dialogue that were boring and slowed the pace of the film
- Removed several scenes of background characters that played no part of the plot (plot??? ahaha)

The Midnight Hour:
- Removed opening scene of kid riding his bike
- Removed most of the funny moments by the ghouls
- Removed some of the scenes of small characters

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(Updated: June 09, 2020)
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Overview - Another entry in Mike’s ongoing series, this time a twofer.
First source, “The Dead Next Door” remains a bad cheapie, though with heart. None of the smug self awareness of Troma product. Second source, “The Midnight Hour,” is slicker, though more innocent.

Video - 1280 X 720p AVC. Source material varies here. The first feature looks shoddier, but that’s OK. No one has mentioned this before, but I really like Mike’s intros. The editing is suitable for both episodes. More abrupt with the first, in keeping with the grindhouse look.

Audio - 192 kbps, 2-Channel stereo AAC. No Subs. Dialogue was crisp throughout. I listened on headphones. Not a lot of dynamic range in either chapter.

Narrative - The mayhem in the first one is limited. None of those giant crowd scenes of overrun Akron (ha ha ha). The focus on the Zombie Squad and the religious zealots is constrained. This is to the point, but feels over chopped.
I was too old when “Midnight Hour” aired. Too old, too worldly, too cynical. No high school, no junior high for that matter, was ever like this. The way students treated each other with civility and decency. Mike has reworked this extensively, though with a lot more love and care. It shows. The narrative holds together and is logical. Moreover, the central relationship between Phil and Sandy remains light hearted, romantic, and ultimately poignant.

Enjoyment - I did like these, the second more than the first.
Cheesy alert for the first, corn factor for the second. The second is perfect for Halloween, also suitable for older children. Funny, silly, with scary moments.

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