Tales From Hell: Vol. 1

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Hell is calling for you...
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I wanted to create a double-feature, kinda like 'Masters of Horror' or 'Tales From the Crypt'. So I edited the movies down to about 45 minutes a piece.
I was playing with the idea of making a 'Tales from the Crypt' or 'Masters of Horror' series based off of recent horror remakes. But after a while I decided to go with classics instead.
Other Sources:
Vestron Video VHS Intro
Special Thanks:
JJE-187 For the DVD art work
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- Sony Vegas Pro
Cuts and Additions:
The Beyond (Cutlist)
- Cut black and white opening of man being lynched.
- Added new Vestron Video to the intro for nostalgic purposes
- Added new credits at beginning of the film
- Removed any scenes of blind women and her dog
- Removed library scene with the tarantulas
- Removed plumbers family at the morgue
- Removed funeral of the plumber
- Again removed blind women from several scenes.

House by the Cemetery (Cutlist)
- Cut entire opening credits
- Cut moving out of their home
- Cut out real estate and lawyer meetings
- Added new title "The Cellar"
- Movie now opens with family moving into their new home.
- Cut out several scenes of father away from home researching the property
- Cut out several scenes of mother away from home
- Added new end credits and music.
Cover art by JJE-187 (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

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(Updated: July 25, 2015)
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Trimming down these Fulci films was a noble goal. Despite great visuals they don't quite justify their length. But the result was sort of a misfire. The problem is that even though the originals didn't make much sense to begin with, they maintain a nice surreal quality throughout. Cutting entire scenes and characters makes the tenuous logic of the movies frustratingly incomprehensible. Taking out the opening scene of 'The Beyond' and the introduction of Mae in 'The House by the Cemetery' especially muddles the narratives.

Its not really a criticism of Mikedrew's chops. Later volumes of his 'Tales from hell' anthologies prove his skill. But these convoluted stories can only be simplified so much.

Minor note: The second film seems to be quieter than the first. Having to raise the volume disrupts the seamless transition that is desired in an anthology movie.

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