Swept Away Vintage Edition

Swept Away Vintage Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
A snooty socialite is stranded on a Mediterranean island with a communist sailor.
My intent making this edit was to transform Guy Ritchie’s notoriously lame flick into a much better, shorter film, bringing the subject and tone closer to the original 1974 film it’s based on. I heightened the politically incorrect violence towards the main female character (played by an infamously wooden Madonna), and expurgated most of the useless cheesy dialogue, cartoonish scenes, and plot lines. The story is now more concise and straight to the point. The overall look has also been altered to make it look more like an exploitation flick from the 70s. The soundtrack has also been reworked.
Other Sources:
- The DVD of the original 1974 film
- All but one of the deleted scenes from the G. Ritchie film
- The Varese/Sarabande CD of the 2002 soundtrack by M. Colombier
- Additional music, songs and sound effects from various sources
Release Information:
Special Features
* Camcorder footage from the set in Sardinia, shot by tourists (7 min, 4:3)
* Web commercial for BMW by Guy Ritchie (7 min, 16:9)
* A Madonna video directed by G. Ritchie (5 min, 16:9)
* note: none of these extras are commercially available as such, if at all.
Cuts and Additions:
Too many to list (over 200 editing points). Some scenes were completely cut, some were just trimmed while all but one of the deleted scenes were re-inserted. A few shots from the 1974 original by Lina Wertmuller were also inserted. Sound effects and musical cues were added and additional songs incorporated.
Cover art by Dr. Sapirstein (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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