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Like Bionicbob said, there's a few recognisable moments cut, but I didn't realise several of them until I came and checked the cutlist AFTER i'd watched the film.

This is a tighter Superman edit, and one I'm very happy with. I'd always wanted Superman: the movie to be tackled as a standalone project rather than a hybrid with Superman 2, I think I prefer this to the theatrical cut and will be my 'go to' version in the future. Namely for the ending which had always bothered me since around the age of 11. I don't care that Lois isn't in peril. We get to see Superman clean up around him, and now Jimmy's line when he catches up to Lois & Superman makes sense.

This is a very good candidate for FEOTM and well worth a watch.

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Owner's reply May 12, 2014


Thank you for your interest in my edit and taking the time to review it. I knew that messing with some of the most recognizable moments would be noticeable, but I tried to make them as less jarring as possible. I'm glad you enjoyed my take on this classic and thanks for the confidence booster on mentioning it as a candidate for FEOTM!

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