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Having recently finished Smallville I decided I wanted to watch the original Superman movies. I found Smallville very frustrating at times as there was not a lot of action and the moral choices Clark was presented with were re-examined over and over again. This made me initially wary to watch the original Superman movies because I had heard that they were also filled with much angst and indecision as well. Stumbling upon Avid4D's first Superman film edit where the intent of this particular edit was to highlight the action and speed up the pacing, I was happy to give the original movies a shot. I was extremely pleased with the results and found that this made the original movies watchable for a modern audience. I felt like there was a few scenes that probably could have been cut, but overall I found the experience to be very enjoyable. The cuts were basically not noticeable, and having not seen the original first and second Superman movies I thought the conglomerate that our faneditor produced was extremely satisfactory and probably would have made Richard Donner proud.

In general I found this edit to be better than the Superman of Krypton, Avid 4D's sequel, though the sequel was definitely better than having to sit through Superman III and IV by themselves.

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