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This is clearly a labor of love and the care put into each frame is evident. Although I respect the desire to put every last bit of Donner's footage in there, I don't think that necessarily makes for the best movie. Stuart Baird cut a lot of these scenes for good reasons. They slowed down the pace too much or were redundant. Unfortunately, that's the case here. Also, while I understand that this wasn't the original intention, the death of Lois makes for a far more compelling reason for Superman to change history than doing it to clean up his mess at the end, and causes confusing continuity problems in regards to the bully at the dinner and the Tower of Pisa.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves these films. I particularly appreciated the clever fixes for the Phantom Zone criminals inexplicable powers that Lester introduced. Well done.

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Owner's reply June 06, 2022

Yes, I acknowledge the flaws in logic because I have used both scripts of Superman I & II, so I left them in my edit because I wanted to be loyal to those scripts.

And I am very happy you liked the fixes with the Villains.

Thank you!

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