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Review by tylerdurden389 — December 23, 2010 @ 11:32 pm

I’m watching SOJE so that I can give my comments as I watch. I personally prefer silence over the Chris Reeve dedication, like the dedication to Stuart Baird from the first film. I just didn’t like how both The Richard Donner Cut and Returns have the music of the film already playing, when the film hasn’t technically started yet.

Don’t care for the Returns shots of Krypton. The effects are too modern compared to everything else in the film. Again, personal preference. Not much to say about the Krypton scenes. I personally didn’t care for the extended dialogue. If the purpose of this edit was to combine the two films into one by trimming the fat, why put back in what was removed in the first place?

I must say I LOVE these opening credits. However, one little nitpick is, I don’t like how the letters seem to “come over us” before appearing in front. The letters “curve” before they come in. Whereas in S1 it’s like the letters come around the camera from all angles. Other than that, these new opening credits are great. Though on my crappy computer speakers the music wasn’t loud enough. It sounded like the sound effects were louder. I especially loved the ending where you timed the last fanfare with the crash (though the fanfare of the trumpets seemed to be cut short. Small audio cue mishap that only nitpickers like myself notice)

Nothing much to say about Smallville. I like that you took out the little girl being Lois Lane, but growing up on the theatrical version, I don’t feel it’s necessary for this extended scene at all.

Onto Metropolis. I never cared for the extended scene of Clark introducing himself to the worker next to him and Jimmy getting him a towel. That awkward moment of Clark and Lois staring at each other unnerved me. Plus, since the purpose of this edit was to have Lois figure it out much quicker, I think for the purpose of this cut we’re better off NOT seeing Clark introduce himself to other people. Again, nitpicking.

Gotta say, I love the new music cues for Superman launching the rocket into space. Though I do wish you had done something about the missile suddenly spinning out of control. I think it would’ve been so much better if Michael Thau had simply let the missile crash into the Phantom Zone.

Moon scene. I don’t like cutting out Ursa’s lines. I understand there’s no sound in space, but for a movie like this I’m able to suspend disbelief. Also, I would’ve moved this scene for after the interview/flight scene. Maybe do it this way:

- Superman’s first night
- Daily Planet
- Interview
- Missile Launch
- Villains freed
- Then go right to the moon scene.

The abrupt change in tone doesn’t work for me. It’s odd watching Superman talk to Lois when we just saw what happened on the moon. From a story perspective, I think this order works better. Also, instead of doing a fade cut to the next morning I would’ve simply done an establishing shot of Manhattan after Clark shuts the door.

I see I’m not the only one who dislikes Ursa pronouncing it “Hooston”. Blame Lester for that one, as I’m sure he had Sarah re-dub her lines just like Stamp for a more comedic effect (which of course doesn’t work). It’s funny how in the Donner Cut we got to hear some of the actor’s original readings of their lines, yet there’s still a lot of dubbed lines in the DC.

When I got to the screen test I initially thought it was bad to cut out a Superman scene, but of course, cutting out as much Lester scenes as possible helps with the overall tone to the film. Lois’ character is so different in Lester’s 2 scenes that it’s probably better to cut it.

Can’t comment on “skunksweat”, as it’s been beaten to death already.

I hate losing Superman explaining his past to Lois, but again, difference in character.

Nice job losing “The whole planet Hooston?”

I think I’m the only editor on S2 to notice that the Donner Cut version of the helicopter crashing has 3 frames that repeats right before the explosion. Of all the things Michael Thau did wrong editing the DC, that’s the one that bothers me the most. Amateur.

Ya know it’s funny, I forgot all about Lex until he showed up. Not gonna comment on Lex knowing of Jor-el, the FOS, and so on.

I would’ve cut Lois saying “Lex Luthor”, since they don’t know anything about him in this cut.

Bad audio cut for the reaction shot from Lois and Perry when Supes crashes into the air vent (after Non punches him). Also I never liked the cut of Ursa grabbing Supes by the neck but in the next shot she’s gone. Whether it’s the DC Supes punching Non, or LC of Non grabbing Supes from behind, neither work for me.

THANK YOU for cutting Reeve’s smirk when he says “Don’t do it!! The people!!” Of all the S2 edits here, I think this is now only the 3rd or 4th to do that.

I have no problem with Lois knowing his secret in the end (as my cut does the same), but leaving her in tears and then cutting to the Superman theme just seems morbid to me. Also, why show the beginning of the credits, then show the diner revenge scene? If anything, maybe an after-credits Easter egg would’ve worked.

So there’s my thoughts. Other than the little nitpicks pointed out (as well as my own feelings on DC footage in general), this was a damn fine edit. I gave it a 9 out of 10.
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