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I decided to watch this after finishing Tomahawk's Incredible Hulk edit which I absolutely LOVED.

I have nothing to say technically- everything seemed to work very well.

Reinserting the deleted scenes made a lot of elements from the original make more sense- ie, where has Superman been, why does he greet his mother so creepily in the field, etc.

Like Billy, I am a fan of the original movie. The bold colors have always been one of the main things that I think gives the film the kind of unrealistically polished and ideal look that I think fits well with the Superman franchise. In this edited version, the colors have been greatly muted, due in part, I think, to make them fit with the Superman The Movie scenes that were added to the film. Though I understand why the change was made, ultimately I don't think it was the right choice.

The new opening fits way better. Removing as much unnecessary Lex scenes as possible is a huge plus, in my opinion. Little clippings here and there to extra characters were equally welcome.

Also like Billy, I think the cut to the rooftop scene was also a mistake. This was one of the best character moments in the entire film, and anytime we get to see Superman showing his true character (not just heroics), I can't help but feel we should see as much as possible. On that note, I also disagree with the removal of the ER scene. I think it was a pretty emotional scene because it lets the viewer see just what Superman *means* to humanity and how hard they want to save him. Also, I genuinely think it was a pretty- emotionally and otherwise- scene.

Again, I agree with Billy that cutting Superman taking Parker Posey to the hospital was also unnecessary. I understand that Tomahawk was probably trying to make the movie shorter, but cutting any Superman scenes just doesn't seem like the place to do that.

Overall, I can't recommend this edit to anyone who enjoyed the original Superman Returns. I actually am really sorry to say that because I can see how incredibly hard this was worked on, but I think the cuts to some of the emotional scenes take too much away and that the muted colors upset some of the magic that I felt from this film.

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