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FanMix November 04, 2022 2039
(Updated: January 22, 2023)
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A Digital Man's SUPERMAN REDEEMED is considered a fan edit classic by many. It was one of my first introductions to the concept of fan editing and made me fall in love with creative process.

This is a very nice HD update/expansion of ADM's Superman Redeemed.

While it uses the best elements of Superman III & IV, much like the original fan edit, it can not escape being a Super-Frankenstein narrative and requires a certain amount of goodwill by the viewer. For example, Lois is going to Jamaica for vacation at the beginning at the movie, but is present throughout the entire film but then talks about Jamaica in the closing scene.

But on the whole, a very entering and impressive watch. I thought the whole transition to Evil Superman was exceptionally well done and much improved over the ADM version. The Superman bathing in the Sun and Superman Lives newspaper headline was very clever.

The ending does feel a bit abrupt/awkward to me. I think I would have kept the Lex and Lenny scene and cut before Lois looks at Lana's ring. Also, I think the final Superman voice over about us all being one world would have played much stronger over the imagery of Kal-el flying above the Earth rather than restoring the Tower of Pisa. But I did greatly appreciated the mid-credit scene and going to black on the kiss.

A good remake of a classic fan edit.

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