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There is some fantastic buildup to the start of the movie with the way the Fanedit opening credit sequences naturally fade in and out followed by the custom opening summary which serves as a great way to bring viewers up to speed on the events of the previous two films without hindering the runtime, adding to this buildup are the custom opening credit calls which provide an insightful lens into the view of the world as if the viewer is seeing said world through the larger than life perspective of the Man Of Steel himself.

The use of J&L cuts effectively help to bypass and remove most of the superfluous subplots and comedic elements and what remains is a far more focused narrative that gives the Man Of Steel a much more defined and compelling story arc and thanks to the use of Topaz AI both films seamlessly join together like a completed puzzle piece and some examples of this perfect cohesion are the news broadcasts utilised during Film 3’s mountain scene that effectively transition to the main crisis issue of Film 4 expressed during the classroom scene.

The second instance would be how you combined the sickness of Nuclear Man with his kryptonite sickness or in the case of your edit the corrupting radiation poisoning ontop of the energy gain from the crystal module and the Nuclear Man scratch with all ultimately tying that organic storytelling thread around protagonist and antagonist making there respective duels a lot more personal and thematic and I include the junkyard battle in this analysis as well and well that battle was already personal it’s newfound connection to the whole Nuclear Man scratch and sun’s energy amplifies the triumphant feeling of that duels conclusion.

The placement of what is now the mid credits scene serves as not only a great conclusion to the Christopher Reeves Superman saga but the key framing and transitioning from colour to sepia and from sepia to colour felt natural and not only provided that meaningful sense of nostalgia but also gave that feeling of a brighter future for both the people of Metropolis and of course Clark & Lois's relationship, though I do have a few nitpicks though there not about how the relationship was handled I think you utilised that aspect and scene really well.

There are two sound issues with the first feeling like the audio jumps a bit around the 1:10:10 to 1:10:11 hour marks and a sharp rise and drop in audio volume from the 1:10:53 to 1:10:56 hour marks, finally during the reunion dance scene there is a crotch gag that is a little on the cringey side but other than those little things I would honestly say that this is a huge improved over the theatrical cuts of these two films.

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