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(Updated: March 31, 2013)
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Well watching this edit accomplished one thing for me. I NEVER want to watch this movie, ever again. This is no fault of the editor. Its just that the source material is so screamingly boring. I know the pacing was set to mirror the pacing of Superman, the Movie, but it just drives me nuts. Some movies can be watched over and over. This is definitely not one of them.

Regarding the Edit. All of the audio and video edits seemed seamless except when Lex pushes Superman over the cliff. Maybe it feels like an edit because it plays so different from the original. This edit choice is my only gripe among the editor's choices. I would prefer to leave the shanking of Superman in the movie. Lex would not take Superman for granted; just being satisfied to beat him up and push him into the sea. That is the main reason I gave a 7 on the narrative.

I apologize for ranking my enjoyment so low, but I really do hate this movie.

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