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Superman Resolved
March 02, 2013    
(Updated: March 31, 2013)
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Well watching this edit accomplished one thing for me. I NEVER want to watch this movie, ever again. This is no fault of the editor. Its just that the source material is so screamingly boring. I know the pacing was set to mirror the pacing of Superman, the Movie, but it just drives me nuts. Some movies can be watched over and over. This is definitely not one of them.

Regarding the Edit. All of the audio and video edits seemed seamless except when Lex pushes Superman over the cliff. Maybe it feels like an edit because it plays so different from the original. This edit choice is my only gripe among the editor's choices. I would prefer to leave the shanking of Superman in the movie. Lex would not take Superman for granted; just being satisfied to beat him up and push him into the sea. That is the main reason I gave a 7 on the narrative.

I apologize for ranking my enjoyment so low, but I really do hate this movie.

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Written by b3nmitchell
March 30, 2013
It's okay if you hated the movie, but then why would you watch it again and then take the time to disparage the fanedit? There are those who enjoyed the movie and thought that it just ran long, and THESE are the folks that I worked on the edit for. I was never under the delusion that this movie was going to work for everyone. The low rating is undeserved, as if you're trying to undermine it's momentum. Is it intentional?

Also, since you gave it a 7 because of removing the stabbing, I think it's time I point out that removing a dull 20 minute sequence hinged on removing that part. What's wrong an entire continent of kryptonite and the rest wasn't enough for you? To me being stabbed would have been waaaaaaay overboard- definintely enough to kill Superman, and even if he survived the believability of then LIFTING the continent just throws any suspension of disbelief out the window. So I'm very confident in that choice, and I hope that other people will understand it. I mean, it's not as if I can go back and re-shoot the sequences I don't like, it would be nice to get some credit for the creative solutions to the movies problems, for crying out loud. Damn. Any fans out there that are willing to get behind this? Because the cynical critics smell blood in the water.
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Written by neglify
March 31, 2013
While I do agree that this review is a bit harsh, I think it's always better to take a step back and focus on the positive shit rather than get upset about the negative shit. No work of art will ever be appreciated 100% by everybody. Some will hate it because they hate the movie. Why would they watch it if they hated the movie? Well because your edit is called "Superman RESOLVED". They were hopeful that this edit resolved the movie for them. It didn't so oh well.
Written by b3nmitchell
April 02, 2013
You know what? My grandfather always said you take a little shit, but if someone rubs your nose in it, defend yourself. Now I'll admit, I'm super busy with finishing mid-terms, and developing two projects for production, so I'm very tired, and stressed, so that can possibly explain my initial tone. On the one hand, someone could leave constructive criticism, and I wouldn't bat an eye, but if the review is intentionally harmful, and it's going to effect other people's enjoyment, I feel compelled to say something, so that at least others will hear the reasons behind the decision, instead of one person's diatribe. If I'm wrong for speaking up, then it will be a lesson learned, but I don't think so. Not in this case.
Written by neglify
April 02, 2013
I just want to point out that despite his feelings for the movie, the reviewer DOES RECOMMEND watching this edit. Don't overlook that.
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Written by b3nmitchell
April 02, 2013
Well, despite the review and score speaking to the contrary, be thankful for small victories, I suppose. I'm done here, it's taken enough of my focus as it is. It's a poor review, and I disagree with it's tone and score, and I'm willing to leave it at that.
Written by fanedit
May 01, 2013
I just found this commentary section, so I apologize that I am replying late. I'm also sorry to have upset you with my review. My intent was not to undermine you or come off as cynical. I was trying to give an honest opinion of how I felt after seeing the edit. On hindsight, I can see how you would be upset. Neg hit it on the head though, I did go into this edit hoping it would resolve the problems I had with the original.

I know you put a lot of work in to this edit and I appreciate that fact. One thing I neglected to mention in the review is that I thought the menus were very well done.
6 results - showing 1 - 6