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This edit is proof of the power of fan editing. Two crappy sequels combine to make one fluid and interesting story. The amazing part is that the whole story stayed together from start to finish and it was a satisfying finish at that.

My nitpicks with some of the editors choices:

1. I don't think Luthor's prison escape was needed. We never saw Ned Beatty and Valerie Perrine again in the movie so it seemed a little awkward.

2. The edit of the part about sending Lois on the first Concorde with "Outta here" removed was probably unnecessary. I don't think the Concorde ever flew out of Bermuda. Clark had been to Smallville and back twice in the meantime, so we could really just assume Lois finished her vacation and came back to work.

3. The edit of Lois talking to Perry and Clark was pretty noticeable and maybe unnecessary.

I know this edit has been around a long time, but hey - it's new to me.

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