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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by buddythegoon — April 20, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

So where was Gus supposed to be again?? Seriously, this was just plain amazing.

I do not wish to discourage other fan editors, but ADM rules Superman movies. To take that crown away seems an insurmountable task. I don’t usually like to give 10 out of 10 because there’s always something that still bothers me, but every 10 I’ve given has been to an ADM production.
There are a few minor aggravations like the sudden pan in/out during the UN speech and the semi-awkward bizarro transformation, but nothing that takes away from the overall accomplishment of the editor’s vision. The improvement to the two films is so overwhelming that I can’t in good conscience dock points for minor tech glitches.

This is now a true Superman movie, no longer a miserable set of sequels that fans repress in their minds. Thank you ADM. And thank you to boon all who keep alive so that we, the little people, can stay informed about inspired projects such as this.
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