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Every jounrey has a begining...and this was mine. The first fanedit I was ever interested in, and it delivers. This is an essential Digitalman masterpiece, his finest hour in my opinion, taking some of the divisive Superman movies, one counted amongst the worst superhero movies of all time, and turning them into one of the worthier entries in the franchise.

Unique creative choices give us a far better placement for the Paris bomb sequence from Lester's Superman 2 and to greatly influence Clark's mission in Superman IV. Lois and Lana both get equal screen time, a handy bit of original audio narration transitions us over to Jeremy's class very well, a deleted break-out scene involving Lex gives us one brief but glorious last look at Ms. Tessmarcher, the legendary evil supernman and junkyard duel scenes remain intac, slightly repurposed to be the consequence of a Nuclear Man attack, and, and then there's the magic worked with editing out Richard Pryor for a key scene.

t is labelled 'redeemed' because it truly redeems Lester and Furie's films, bringing out the best elements in both, and refining them. This is more than a fanedit, this is an experiance. This should be considered a canonical entry in the Superman movie franchise. It's that good, and without it, I doubt I'd be the editor I am today...and I'll speak on behalf of other editors too. If you want the A-Z essentials in how to do this stuff right, this is it. This. Is. It.

Perhaps my ears are picking up weird stuff again, but when I watched this a year or so ago I could have sworn I picked up hard cuts here and there, watching it again now I may have exaggerated that just a bit, as it now appears fine.
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