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I loved it. A wonderful job by Ollie, who's created a version of SMII I can enjoy instead of watching and thinking "If only they hadn't fired Donner, what could have been..."

I think Ollie's done a great job in selecting which scenes to use in from the wealth of material available. The blank bullets scene may be my favorite of those first two films (continuity issues aside).

Ideally, this film would include the trial scene - IF that scene hadn't already appeared in the first one. Because it did, I completely agree in cutting it. I do have some quibbles. I thought some of Lex and his minion's humor could have been toned down a little (maybe cut out the search for the bathroom in the Fortress entirely). I also thought the battle of Metropolis could be trimmed a bit more (for pacing reasons and to reduce the product placement). My two other small quibbles is that I think the scenes jumped back and forth between Zod/Ursa/Non's attack and the Superman/Lois at the Fortress maybe bit too much, and while I love the dedication in the beginning, it sounded *slightly* wordy to me - maybe "He made us believe a man could fly" would be enough.

But again, those are quibbles. I'm rating this a ten out of ten in every category. This is a high quality edit with amazing pacing and seamless cuts. It opens with a punch, and really holds your attention until the very end. With the more distracting elements of the Lester cut gone and with vastly improved editing in comparison to the Donner cut, this film allows the audience to truly engage with the movie and Clark's struggle. I would be remiss if I did not also give some high praise to the new ending, courtesy of booshman, who's own SMII Redux edit I'll soon be watching.

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