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Superman 2 was the film that got me into fan editing. It was the first film I did. As a HUGE fan of the first 2 Reeve films, I had made it my personal quest to see every fan edit of Superman 2, and see where the "best" edit ideas lie. Ollie's edit here takes quite a lot of what I feel is "the best choices". Out of the 15 or 20 edits of S2 that I've seen, Ollie's is definitely in my top 5 (including my own personal fan edit of the film).

I don't agree with every choice he's made, but after 8 years since the release of the abysmal "Donner Cut", without any word from Selutron, or any further release to right the wrongs, I'll take ANY edit that is vastly superior to either of the official releases sold in stores, regardless if I prefer "this" version of a scene than "that" one.

Audio/Video quality: Well, it's DVD instead of Blu, but in all honesty just fixing the color timing to the theatrical blu of S2 is a project in and of itself lol. A/V is fine for DVD.

Editing-wise this edit is spectacular. There's a few hiccups sure, but they can always be quickly and easily corrected down the line if Ollie chooses to do so.

Narrative: Again, I have my own choices that I prefer over Ollie, but he more than makes up for it by using "Lois knows" ending. That's EXACTLY how I made it in my edit when I made it 6-7 years ago. Just a little restructuring of the "pizza" scene, and BAM, perfect narrative structure.

One thing I didn't think I would like is the runtime. at 103 minutes, it's one of the shortest edit of S2 made. I thought it would be too rushed (like the way the Donner Cut did), but thankfully Ollie chose the right takes, scenes, and edits that gives the story and characters room to breathe. Whereas the Donner Cut just felt like a rush to get it over with, Ollie makes the short run time "fit" just right. And this coming from someone who's preferred version has always been the KCOP cut, which has the longest runtime at 145 minutes (Nearly 45 minutes longer). So for me to enjoy a really short edit of the film says a lot.

Enjoyment: I loved this edit mostly because, now that the fan editing community has had some time to "take in" the entire Superman 2 fiasco regarding different directors, different scenes, different music...etc now we have a fan edit that comes out years since the last one, and now that we've all had some time to really think things over, it really seems like, to me, we all want the same thing. And by that I mean, we're all beginning to agree with what "works best" for the film. So a lot of us are all kinda just trading off ideas and using them in each others edits.

My edit may no longer be available online, but thanks to this edit, I'm just happy that people will see what I believe is the best ending to the film. No amnesia kiss, no re-hashing the turning back time ending. Lois is fine with knowing his secret. Sure, I would've let the villains live, but those deleted scenes need to be cleaned up first.

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