Superman IV : The Quest For Coherence

Superman IV : The Quest For Coherence
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By both inserting deleted scenes and in a few cases inserting still frames and comic panes, this is the ultimate extended edition of Superman IV, including the complete musical score and all the deleted scenes for a complete and unique watching experience.
My full intent was to reinsert all deleted footage as well as restore the complete musical score. I did that by both reinserting the deleted scenes, and in a few cases, inserting still frames and comic panes so that the music would fit. I refused to ever call it a Fan Cut for two reasons. One, I wanted to present it close to what it originally was and not apply any of my own ideas (with a couple exceptions), and two, I am in no way a fan of this garbage movie.
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Editing Details:
Used parts of the comic book to show missing scenes and the use of still frames to add missing dialogue.
Cuts and Additions:
- Williams/Courage score restored to all added scenes.
- New red-style worm Warner logo is added. (pulled from Magnum Force)
- Superman saving the cosmonaut now comes before the credits.
- Extra footage from STM to establish Clark at his parents’ grave, followed by image on him there. (courtesy of capedwonder)
- Clark’s nightmare sequence had a bad Jor-El voiceover, so a new sequence was designed using footage and audio from STM.
- Clark waking up and talking to his neighbor restored.
- Extra dialog between Jeremy and his classmates restored.
- Superman answering Jeremy’s letter restored. Superman’s flying shot was unfinished footage, so a flying shot from Superman III was used. Some footage was cut at the end, so still images and captions will be shown to add in missing dialog.
- Creation of Nuclear Man 1 restored. Temp music has been reduced as much as possible.
- Metro Club scene using images from the comic book has been added. This is done to explain Nuclear Man’s interest in Lacy. Footage of Nuclear Man 1 going outside with the lady has been restored.
- Superman fighting Nuclear Man 1 outside Metro Club is restored. Temp music has been reduced as much as possible.
- Lenny bringing the ashes back to Lex is restored.
- The “Fresh Air” flying sequence has been extended.
- The tornado and Moscow missile sequences have been restored. Footage from the Japanese laserdisc is used to replace incomplete effects shots from the DVD deleted scenes footage.
- A line of dialog from the script is restored when Lex asks Nuclear Man “what is there to fear?”. Nuclear Man now responds “Destiny.” using a still image and a caption.
- Additional footage of Clark ill has been restored.
- Nuclear Man now abducts Lacy after waking up, and not after the moon fight.
- Nuclear Man taking Lacy back to Lex’s lair and becoming a missile is restored. All footage is restored through Superman using Lacy as bait to stop Nuclear Man.
- Extra flying shot of Nuclear Man is restored.
- Ordering of scenes are restored back to their original form. Nuclear Man confronts Superman on streets of Metropolis. Then comes Moon Fight.
- The scene of Nuclear Man returning to Earth to fetch Lacy at Lex’s lair has been restored. The scene of Nuclear Man abducting Lacy at the Daily Planet was used in the theatrical cut at this spot. That scene is now in its proper spot earlier in the film.
- After Warfield loses the Daily Planet, the scene of Lacy saying goodbye to Clark is restored. Some footage at the beginning was cut off, so Lacy mentioning wanting to go to Smallville to get a farm and asking if anyone back home is like Clark has been added using a still image and captions.
- Superman stops Lex and Lenny on the freeway. He takes Lenny to Boy’s Home and Lex back to the quarry.
- Scene outside United Nations. Superman gives “One World” speech. Footage of people around the world listening to him is added. Additional dialog by Superman is added.
- Superman flying to see Jeremy is restored. They fly over Earth, wave to the Cosmonauts, and return to Earth.
- End credits

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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Review by col.hutty — July 30, 2009 @ 3:18 pm

I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 5 of 10
Sound Quality: 6 of 10
Improvement: 10 of 10
Overall: 8 of 10
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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by white43 — March 28, 2009 @ 2:54 pm

Review by White43

I haven’t seen Superman 4 for many years. It was a pile of crap, pure and simple. I then recently watched ‘The Final Cut’ as released by superman4thefinalcut. I wasn’t impressed from a technical perspective and many continuity errors and plotholes existed within it.

I see now, that at least some of those plotholes have come from this edition.

But let’s be fair – this is an extended cut. The editor wanted to create the longest version he possibly could using as much deleted footage as possible. The objective here is different. ‘The Final Cut’ was to create a Superman 4 that should have gone to the cinema. This version was to bulk out the story as much as possible to recreate the original storyline.

Video Edit
The integrated deleted footage is poor quality and has alot of noise, but the editor has integrated it seemlessly and in the appropriate places. A created ‘dream sequence’ near the start of the film works very well. In a few other places, where video did not exist, or the editor felt that it was too low quality, he has used stills, subtitles and a couple shots from the comic book version of the film. This all works very well.

Audio Edit
Very well done again, the deleted scenes are often incomplete in sound as well, but all deleted scenes and existing scenes are integrated properly together by a continuing score. There was something a little odd going on at the end, we seemed to have a Superman theme going on at the same time as another score…sounded a little off.

The edit
Watching this version, you can see why alot of scenes were dropped from the film. Louis ‘flying’, Lacy somehow breathing in space, Jeremy somehow breathing in space and of course, Nuclear Man 1 – who makes his first appearance in a version of Superman 4!

A couple of the continuity issues in ‘The Final Cut’ seemed to have been duplicated from this version – notably, Superman’s cape falling down on the Statue of Liberty, after he’d been punted forward. Also Nuclear Man(2) kidnapping Lacy and taking her upto the Empire State Building. Lacy has no idea who he is, so why he’d be ‘getting on her nerves’ is beyond me. Plus he seems to be emerging from a chamber, a continuity error. Obviously there’s something missing here, but who knows what? A true fanedit should work to correct these issues, not necessarily an extended edit.

It’s also worth noting that two of the odd audio fade in/outs in the ‘Final Cut’ play fine here. Yet we’re seeing the same footage. These occur at the end of Nuclear Man vs Supes first fight and the end credits transition.

As an extended cut, this cannot be faulted. Sure, the unfinished FX and noise on the deleted scenes is a shame, but that’s all there is to work with. It’s all put together very nicely with no hard cuts or audio transitions.

Tommy Two Thumbs Up.

ps. Lookout for Blade Runner noises…..
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