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Superman IV: The Quest For Cash
May 30, 2015    
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I am an apologist for this movie. Don't ask why, I don't think I could give you a reasonable answer. It's just one of those films I have all day for...possibly because I've tinkered with editing it so many times myself on-and-off. This is the latest stab by an editor in trying to make Superman IV less patchy and more presentable, and a few hard audio cuts aside, it serves it's purpose.

Choice highlights include some insight into how Lex cooks up the soup required to create Nuclear Man, the creative decisions with Supes dealing with the U.S and Russian missiles, and the insertion of several deleted scenes that add urgency, motivation, and even a lot of actually funny humor, to scenes in the official version that make the film a bit more tolerable.

Superman IV will never soar quite as high as any of us would like it to, it does'nt have quite the parts for that, but despite having no wings, this edit takes off from the ground rather than senselessly jumps off a building.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the review. I guess I have a bit of a tin ear when it comes to hard edits. It's something I'll keep working on. I'm glad you enjoyed the restructuring.

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