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Review by white43 — March 18, 2008 @ 9:58 pm

Father Merrin – what can I say? I absolutely LOVE this cut!

I will admit that I always enjoyed Superman 3 – I love Richard Pryor, but you’ve done what was necessary. You’ve turned a film about Richard Pryor, with Superman in it – to a Superman film, with Richard Pryor supporting in it.

Removing all the silly comedic moments reduces Pryor and Pamela Stevenson to proper support characters. The film is about Clark Kent – it’s about him returning to his life in Smallville and it works! Really clever editing and restructuring really make this film worthwhile. The elements you have lifted from I and IV at Smallville make this all worthwhile. Lana even becomes more significant….she now feels like Clarks proper soul mate.

There are a few scenes that are a little short and the only one I have a gripe with, would be Supermans destruction of the fortress of ice. It’s too short, it feels a little out of place and until Supermans apparent ‘rebuild’ at the end it makes no sense.

Gus Gorman now feels like a bungling computer programmer, less comedic, more a victim of circumstance, much better.

An altogether darker approach and a worthwhile sequel…nice work. Well done!
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April 12, 2016
How did you actually watch this movie? Sorry, I'm new here and just really confused. I'm guessing it's been taken down, or? Well, I appreciate any input you might have, thanks!
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