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Superman III... a true love hate relationship I have with this movie. I love all the Smallville/Lana Lang/Evil Superman elements. I hate pretty much everything else... LOL! And yet, I probably watch this movie about once a year... though with my finger on the fast forward button.

So I was very curious about this edit. Can Superman III be truly decrapified?

The new opening was definitely a step in the right direction. A very clever and simply solution. Bravo!
I like the new intro of Gus. I never bought his computer "genius" role in the original, but now it feels more acceptable.
All the cuts made were good choices and a step in the right direction. It is significantly better. But from a personal taste point of view, I wish this edit had been even more aggressive, as this edit is still overflowing with typical Lester hijinks and smelly cheese. Though how much more could have been cut with out the movie devolving into a choppy mess I can not say. I do wish somehow the meeting between Lois and Lana could have been cut. To this day, when I see Lois's expression when looking at the ring, it feels very cruel and hurtful.
But if you have been on the fence about viewing this edit, I would recommend it to my fellow Superman fans.

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