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Review by WearneO — October 25, 2010 @ 12:48 pm

REVIEW of SUPERMAN II: The Richard Donner Cut Redux

Reviewing this film was not an easy task. Having previously completed my own fan edit of Superman II and with a re-edit nearing completion I've reached the point where I know this film (both versions) inside out. With such a wealth of footage and different takes to choose from naturally I've built prejudices as to what belongs.

Because of this I decided to leave all that behind and go in fresh and watch this film akin to the first time I watched the Donner cut.

Ultimately I loved it!! Booshman's approach is both uncompromising and well executed. With new effects, visuals and rescored scenes you come away having watched something a lot more than a hybrid cut. It's a true sequel to Superman the movie and more of a Richard Donner film than the official version.

Cuts and narrative: I've got a few hang-ups here and there but this is only because I'm that close to the material. Probably my two main issues would be that I'd prefer to see the Daily Planet jump included instead of the Niagara falls rescue. Irregardless of which scene is better I think in staying true to a Richard Donner film the Daily Planet jump should have been left in. However having said that the Niagara falls scene works better with the seamless branching option for the reveal scene so Booshman doesn't loose many marks here. My other hang-up is that I'd prefer that the viewer stay with Clark following the dinner scene as is in the theatrical cut.

Video: Anyone who has worked on a fan edit of this film will know how difficult it is to match the footage. Even Donner scenes which appeared in the theatrical cut appear completely different in the Donner cut. Top marks here Booshman the theatrical footage has never looked better. Restoration of the deleted scenes whilst a huge improvement over the raw footage is still not quite DVD quality. However this is hardly Booshman’s fault as the deleted scenes included in the Donner Cut package were from a particularly bad print.

Audio: For mine audio editing in any fan edit is the most important aspect so it warrants being super critical. In the case of this fan edit the average viewer will more then likely find it faultless. IMO there were a few transitions that could be improved both in dialogue and music. Just like in the case of the video there is a significant difference between the audio of both official versions, with the Donner cut being more compressed with little difference between the highs and the lows than the theatrical cut. For this reason I've found it useful to lower the volume of the theatrical cut slightly.

Effects: Worthy of its own mention this is where Booshman has gone above and beyond that of any other fan editor of this film. The effects work not only ties new edits together but it corrects issues which have plagued both official versions for some time. No levitating powers for the villains. Visible bullet hits on the villains in the Whitehouse. No fake Superman dummy flying away from a crumbling Metropolis. No new powers in the fortress of solitude making for a really exciting climax. Superman sweat patch removed. And my absolute favorite, moving fountains! On top of all that we have some extra special moments created like Superman letting go of the rocket in space and a new shirt revel and flying shot following the re-powering scene.

DVD package: Very professionally put together. Attractive animated menus and a few goodies in the special features section including a hilarious "I am General Zod" music video and seamless branching options for the reveal scene which works beautifully.

Overall: Definitely the best Superman II fan edit available. GREAT WORK BOOSHMAN!!

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