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Quality as good as can be expected, a couple of edits (audio and video) stood out a little but none majorly so.

A very accomplished edit, definitely an improvement on either of the two main official versions. However I am not entirely sure if mixing certain elements of the Lester and Donner cuts, mainly the story of Lois realising Clark is Superman, work too well. In the mentioned case, she seems to forget her initial discovery (between her doodling on the newspaper and the two of them chatting at Niagara Falls before the boys is rescued) and decides to test him with the blank bullets after he seemingly proved his lack of powers during the river scene.

As for improvements, the ending is probably the most visible, am frankly surprised that this was not considered in 2006! Turning back time in STM is iconic to me, but just felt lazy when done again in the Donner Cut, as if that is how Superman can always solve a problem whereas here it felt like the villains escape could be a consequence of that "fix".

Looking forward to seeing other Superman II edits, not the least Booshman's upcoming new cut!

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