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(Updated: February 20, 2023)
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Dugnutt has a keen eye for what shots work and what don't. The edit doesn't rock the boat too much, but all the moments were carefully considered and expand on the overall experience of watching the Donner Cut, making it feel more complete than the original as intended. I have give serious props to the color correction on these clips, they're done so well I didn't even recognize they were from the Lester Cut or deleted scenes! I especially love how they darkened the Fortress when Clark goes back there, that wass a nice touch. On the visual editing department, it is gorgeous, and the extra stuff means the narrative is improved as a result.

However, what hurts it for me is the audio editing. Some places are pretty solid, like the Niagra Falls or Houston scenes, and some are actually great like the scene where the guard notices Lex escaped, but other parts suffer from pretty violent transitions (such as the first Ursa expanded shot), or mild popping noises that let you know a scene was cut together (Lex and Teschmacher waving bye at Otis, or Lex's arrival at the Fortress as examples), which took me out of the movie too many times. It's a good edit, one worth it if you love the Donner Cut, though I think it could use some work,

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