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I was hoping to get to this one sooner, but Covid blew me over! It had been a few years since I saw Super 8, which makes it both a perfect and terrible time to watch a fanedit. Perfect, because I'm not bored with the movie and watching analytically, and terrible because I'm less likely to catch seamless transitions (although that is a testament to the skill of the faneditor).

In this case, I only recognized two moments as new to this viewing: a scene where the kids are trying on different costumes, and a scene involving Officer Lamb investigating the gas station attack.

The costume-change scene didn't add much value to the story, but it was nice to see more of the movie. The gas station attack investigation scene, however, brought in a continuity blip, and it's the only reason I even noticed that it had been added.

Shortly after the attack, Officer Lamb is on scene at the gas station to investigate. And then, the next morning, he's back to investigate it again. Some of the dialog is recycled, which is why I even noticed. During the daylight investigation, Lamb is given a tip that leads him to the next scene. It makes sense for him to want to get a jump on things, after witnessing the vicious aftermath of the attack, rather than waiting until the morning, so I can see why the filmmaker's went with that version in the final cut.

Both scenes were added so naturally that I barely noticed their addition. If there were more additions, I flat out missed them. The movie was still as good as I remember it, in either case. The faneditor did an excellent job adding everything. If there were cuts, I didn't notice them.

One note, and the only reason I gave the overall audio/video quality a knock (8/10): so much of this movie takes place at night that, with a 4K or greater setup, any diminishment of the overall picture suffers greatly. I watched an HD copy, but missed the 4K resolution of my store-bought copy. Still, I'm very glad I watched. It may not be my go-to version of the film, but I'll certainly keep it on hand.

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