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Super 8 Collection Vol. 1: Awful Sci-Fi Films
February 20, 2014    
(Updated: February 25, 2014)
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This was an interesting attempt on paying homage to Super 8 films. Unfortunately I just couldn't get pass the extreme faded grindhouse look of this edit . It is true that Super 8 film digest versions of the past got scratched, had abrupt edits, and were imperfect...but Leeroy has darkened the images to the point of being unbearable to watch. I was a major collector of these Super 8 digest versions and they were always bright and cropped but always preserve the correct aspect ratio which this transfer does not. I would love to see this cut again if these issues are addressed. Another minor issue is the opening with the guys getting stone watching a 16mm millimeter movie not Super 8. How about using a scene from J.J. Abrams "Super 8" instead?

Added comment: I was a bit harsh on my original review especially regarding the editing. I have done a revision regarding this aspect of the edit. Technically the edits were spot on as far as keeping up with the narrative and paying homage to the spirit of Super 8 storytelling. I was biased due to the difficulty that I had with the brightness and visual quality of the edit. To be fair I did recognize that this edit was an interesting attempt and that if the brightness and aspect ratio issue were fixed I would give it another chance.

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Written by neglify
February 24, 2014
Those scores seem really harsh, but I haven't watched it myself. Can you explain your scores better in your review? All I get from the review is that the picture was too dark and you didn't like the grindhouse treatment he gave it.

For example, you gave Audio Editing a 3/10 but don't explain your reason for that in your review.

So please expand on your review to explain your ratings.
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Written by pabs
February 25, 2014
I appreciate the feedback regarding my review. I have done a revision regarding the edits and have explained my original posture. I have revised the rating but to be fair recommend that you watch the film as well.

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Written by neglify
February 25, 2014
3 results - showing 1 - 3