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First of all, I want to clarify that the "enjoyment" factor has nothing to do with the editor. His work is fantastic, but the source is not. I just rate my actual enjoyment watching the film for what it is. For the original it was like 4-5.
I watched the theatrical release in cinemas, then the extended edition when it came out and then I gave up on this film. Thankfully we got a great second one, so no big deal, but still, if we could save this one, why not! So I gave it a (Dead)shot.

Visual and audio editing was excellent, I couldn't find a single moment betraying that something was tampered with, so well done!
Quality was also on par with the editing, so nothing to add here as well.

Now for the juicy part, the narrative. In general I really liked the editor's take on how things should unfold, with presenting the characters at the beggining, reducing the Enchantress' and Joker's screentime, and I also found extremely smart the detail he added on the subtitles of the Enchantress, connecting the movie, through that beacon bs at the end, with the DCEU. Granted it's just a mind trick for the viewer, but ingenious in its simplicity!

That said, the presentation of the characters at the beggining felt kind of off because of exactly that, it was a simple, dry presentation. It wasn't accompanied with an upbeat, "rock n' roll" cinematography (as we have in later moments) to make it feel at home! But obviously, that is not the editor's fault, he worked with what he had.
Also, the scene where we see the Joker's hands at the dirty cop and it cuts off, I found it a little quick. I'm not sure if it was the right call to cut Joker's dialogue completely.
Lastly, although we see at the beggining Flag hand picking the Suicide Squad, we have a scene soon after where he confronts Waller about using a group of criminals and I found it really out of place, since I also don't think they say something crucial to the plot, so it could be edited out completely.

Overall great edit, but it felt like two hours although it was only a little more the one and a half, which again is an upgrade from the original version! Still I could see myself watching this in a DCEU marathon and I surely recommend for everyone to check it out! If you found the original ok, which I didn't, then you will love this!

Thank you Wakeupkeo!

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