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This is a good fanedit of what is on all accounts a pretty bad film, but this fanedit makes it a lot better.

The film in this form is coherent and has a pretty nice flow narratively compared to the absolute minefield of the theatrical cut.

One thing this edit does highlight is how much the original relied on style over substance. The plot in this streamlined version is as basic as they come, and this maybe highlights that the material isn't there to warrant these characters being "friends" by the end of the film. Which is more a comment on the original than this fan edit.

The editing is never noticeable which is obviously the main aim with a project like this, but some segments do seem a little rushed. The Joker is in this even less than the theatrical (not a bad thing necessarily) but it does almost feel strange to have such a big hitter of the DC world have such limited screen time, but again I feel this is more a comment of the film than this edit. The Joker didn't really have a role in the film outside of flashbacks and they were distracting to the plot. So overall I get the decision to trim him out as much as possible.

So hats off to the editor. They definitely achieve their goal of making a bad film better. I actually felt like I liked the leads by the end of this edit, which is more than can be said for the original. So yeah, the editor has successfully made the film focus on Deadshot, Harley and Flag and this is the main improvement. There is actually some focus to this movie, compared to the jumbled mess that was released.

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