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I'm very happy that more DC edits are being tackled than just Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman. Suicide Squad is a severely underrated flick that has some legitimately great elements to it (it did win an Oscar for its make-up and costuming after all).

This edit is a great refinement of the original film, with minimal invasive editing. The editor had a clear vision for this edit, which shows.

My rating criteria is specific to me and me alone. I could see and hear the film, so 10/10. The audio editing was seamless, so 10/10. The narrative is coherent, so 10/10. Unfortunately there were 2 moments in the film that felt somewhat jarring to me, which is why I can only put the visual editing at a 9/10. These moments were Enchantress' revival of her brother and during the final act when Enchantress attempts to distract the Squad with illusions. Both times felt like they were moving at breakneck speeds and I can't help but feel they should have been just a bit longer. As such, my immersion was slightly hampered, so I can really only say 9/10 for enjoyment. The best edits, I feel, are the ones where you can't see the edits.

Overall, amazing cut from a very talented editor.
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