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(Updated: February 01, 2023)
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This edit of the 1990 IT TV mini-series was SO good to watch. All of the power of the original series is preserved or improved upon and a vastly reduced number of jarring distractions are removed. The original TV series has a lot of great value, scare factor and great narrative for Stephen King's story but suffered from some clunky acting and special effects. I remember watching the original 1990 TV series version and finding the switch to 1985 really jarring, and noticeably more on a re-watch a few years back.
This edit fixes so much of that and the weaving between 1960 and 1985 works really well. as does the new framing, and the location title cards are a nice idea and I find this version makes it very clear which adult is portraying which child. The re-ordering of the scenes is amazing as is the edit and special effects that have been added. Even though nearly half an hour has been removed I didn't seem to notice any removals that detracted from the story and all of the best lines (I still laugh at Eddie's mom "you don't need friends, you just need your ma" ) and all the best scenes I remember were still in there too. I liked the soundtrack as well. The fear factor presented by Pennywise to the viewer is really amplified whilst maintaining his clown "charm" . His introduction is great too. Some occasional choices made in the original production can't be changed but this was such an enjoyable watch. I knew there was a great movie in there.
Conrad has made other changes here which are so seamless that the best compliment I can give is that I didn't have any overlong boring scenes or bad film-making which took me out the narrative like in the original edit. A thrill seeing this tightened and heightened edit. Very well done indeed.

I hope Tim Curry gets to see this version of IT, such a good actor. He really shines though. Loved the Pennywise nod with the balloon in the end credits! BEEP BEEP, RICHIE!

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