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While I enjoyed the brightening of the colors, the removal of some of the excess violence, a greater focus on Superman's humanity, and appreciate the idea behind the narrative, I can't help but feel like important scenes were lost in the nonlinear telling of the story, especially when it came to Jor-el explaining to Clark about General Zod and Krypton's destruction. Jor-el's death is mentioned but never seen. Dialogue is abruptly cut off to make way for the flashbacks, which I found annoying. I sorely missed the childhood "focus on my voice" scene, which lost another point on the enjoyment scale.

It was a good and respectable effort overall, but this is not the version of MoS that I will be going back to.

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Owner's reply December 08, 2022

my entire intent was to remove flashbacks wherever possible ^^
I appreciate your feedback of course. It's a shame I ended up losing some bits that you hold dear. I do lament losing some of those events on krypton, but it didn't make sense when following the story purely from Clark and Lois' perspective. The AI would not have had that information and Zod never would have told Clark about that in enough detail to justify a flashback. It was hard enough to justify the trial flashback. nonetheless, we all have our own priorities!
Thank you for watching and thank you for taking the time to review :)

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(Updated: December 14, 2022) December 14, 2022
You're welcome :)
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