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The sequels are a mess if you really think about them and are not made to watch all three in one or two sittings right after each other. But this edit made it possible and the story more cohesive. The main characters Rey, Poe, Finn and Kylo get their best sides shown. I even Like Finn now after seeing this edit! The bond between them all got me more invested in their journey together. And I was even smiling during some jokes that are left in there.

The hints of Palpatine in this edit is a little too subtle I think. You get it in visions before TROS which is nice, but I expected a little more to really bind all the movies together. Of course still better than the original which had no hints of palpatine!

The edit is divided in two parts, That made the TLJ part feel really slow because after the end of VII there is 1h of runtime. Sorry but I had to take a break when it felt right. The breaks might have happened when the originals ended. Still worked though!

This edit is FAST, EMOTIONAL and EPIC. My go to edit for sure!
flawless editing and cohesive story!
The quality is great! But I only give 9s or 10s to 4k and/or surround sound these days.

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