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About three-fourths of the way through my watch, I realized what I really wanted to see was 'The Last Jedi Awakens', as the first two films worked a heck of a lot better together than Rise of Skywalker did. I *loved* the edits done to The First Awakens and The Last Jedi segments, but nothing changed my mind: there's no getting around the avalanche of head-scratcher 'story-telling' decisions made in ROS, no matter the thoughtfulness of the excisions made by the platoon of fan-editors behind it. Nevertheless, this two-parter works pretty well considering the limitations of what it had to do.

Consider my 'Enjoyment' score a 8/10 for the TFA and TLJ combination, but a -1 for ROS.

But regarding what I loved, just to mention a few: the removal of the superweapon subplot, the addition of the Han Solo dice scene, the Luke Skywalker Han Solo grief scene, the removal of the useless Canto Bight sequence, and the removal of the wheel-spinning Poe Dameron/Admiral Holdo subplot. Distractions/redundancies removed, it was easier to see more of the vibe the original filmmakers were going for.

The video and audio editing really helps bring out the beauty of the films. Whatever flaws the ST has, at least the films always look good and sound good. Not much that can be done to smooth the transition between TLJ and ROS, but the attempt here is inspired.

If you enjoyed Rise of Skywalker and the first two films as well, you'll really like this edit.

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