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I come at this from the angle of somebody who enjoys The Force Awakens a lot, thinks The Las Jedi is one of the best films in the whole series, and found Rise of Skywalker very disappointing, with some interesting elements. Overall, the trilogy feels very separate from each other, each movie having it's own vibe and story that doesn't necessarily gel with what came before or what comes after. This isn't meant entirely as a negative, as I believe a lot of interesting things come up in each film, but overall they don't work in harmony with each other the way you would expect a trilogy to.

What bbghost has done here is take all of the elements from this disjointed trilogy that work alongside each other, remove what didn't, then amplify what is kept to work in concert with each other. It's definitely a more coherent way to digest the main story of the sequel trilogy.

Overall, the cuts are clean, audio is solid (only 2.0 stereo though. I don't take a point off for that, but it's worth mentioning). there's a few spots where I felt things were maybe moving a little too fast due to what was cut, but that's hard to help, especially in the Rise of Skywalker section. Video quality is excellent across the board.

Generally, this is a great way to watch it, especially if you aren't a huge fan of some of the diversions in The Last Jedi. As a fan of that movie, I miss what was cut, but I would still highly recommend this edit.
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